Leadership Mission International

Leadership Mission International is a custom built Squarespace site using their Developer Platform.  I had to overcome a couple of limitations when using the Squarespace platform including their contact form and frequently asked question toggles.

I also created a Spanish version by duplicating the page templates and giving visitors an option on a landing page where they can choose to view the site in English or Spanish

Web Hosting


Leadership Mission International uses the Squarespace Developers Platform to build a more custom user experience beyond the templates provided by Squarespace.

Web Hosting

Cognito Forms

Squarespace Forms are limited so I had to come up with a way to allow LMI to embed dynamic contact forms so candidates could apply for open positions and upload resumes and other files.  This required a third party Form Builder. I settled on Cognito Forms.

Using Cognito Forms, I was able to create the forms they needed to get the information they needed for teaching candidates.

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