DP Nicoli

DP Nicoli is a custom Squarespace site I built while working as a contract developer with Fort West.  They needed an easy to use, custom solution to showcase their products.

The challenge was to create a desktop and mobile version of the site that would create the best user experience while fitting within the parameters of Squarespace.

Web Hosting


We used Squarespace to create a custom product product page with a tabbed product features table, a custom documents management system, and private assets management system.

Web Hosting

Cognito Forms

Squarespace Forms are limited so I had to come up with a way to allow DP Nicoli to receive detailed quote requests where potential customers could select the products they were interested in.  This required a third party Form Builder. I settled on Cognito Forms.

Using Cognito Forms, I was able to create the forms they needed.

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